FH9mop FT01X21

fallkniven fh9Mother of pearl for a knife’s handle? This material is not something which you would consider for a professional folding knife but the Fallkniven FH9mop is really a knife which you could describe as incredibly stylish. This is certainly not your average tin opener knife and should not really be used for such tasks but it is really a folding knife for all seasons. Fallkniven are pinning their hopes on this mother of pearl contraption however and they do actually recommend it for everyday use. The knife appears quite beautiful on first impression but as you hold it in your hands and start using that world famous 3G blade combination you will notice that the FH9mop is not for the faint hearted but is a true professional folding knife in the best sense of the word.

The FH9mop is described as a utility knife however it is really an exclusive one on several fronts. The blade comes in what is now the legendary stainless steel laminated powder material which really keeps an edge extremely well whilst the knife feels really robust and secure, confirming that it is very well made. You really have to pinch yourself when handling this knife since the mother of pearl combination is striking and so effective at the same time.

The FH9mop has the same dimensions as the other FH9 series knives. It is a hefty 158mm long with a blade length of 67mm whilst the blade thickness of 3mm ensures that it may be used for most heavy duty tasks. At 95 grammes it is pretty lightweight whilst the 3G steel surely dosen’t need any further accolades from us, the 62HRC hardness speaks for itself. The Mother of Pearl handle has to be felt and handled to be truly appreciated whilst the lockback mechanism is of the tried and tested order. The HK9mop is really something special as knives go.