Kkz FT01X84

The KK knife is known as the Kolt Knife and is traditionally designed so that the clean lines dominate the blade, its handle as well as the sheath. The history of the Kolt’s design goes back to those times when the knife was not really a common tool in daily life even if you were a hunter or a farmer. The KK is not intended for carrying about the waist, rather it is intended for carrying about those parts of the body where knife access is at its best such as in your pocket.

The KK Kolt offers a safe and comfortable handle with a strong blade that has an extremely sharp edge. Additionally the non-aggressive design provides a knife which should fit any hand and any task. The safe click-lock and ultra-hygienic zytel sheath protects the blade’s edge and stores the knife quite safely when it is not being used.

The KK’s blade is made out of satin laminate finish steel which has a 402J2 rating alongside Cobalt steel with a hardness of HRC. The convex edge is pretty thin and actually bears the name of ICE. The blade is wide with a hidden tang construction also sporting a lanyard hole of standard size. The Thermorun handle has checkered sides for added grip whilst the crossguard is made of black stainless steel and is securely fastened to the blade tang.

The KK’s sheath is an injection molded polyamide or zytel sheath where a lever actually locks over the crossguard. The sheath also has a thumb press notch which releases the knife from its sheath on top. This gives a release power of around 10 N or 1 kg. The forse is also adjusted with the length and thickness of the sheath’s locking lever. The sheath is also made with small tolerances which avoid the edge to faulty cut in the sheath.