Fallkniven F1

Probably the world’s most famous knife, the Fallkniven F1 remains the implement to have if you are attempting to reach new heights in survival techniques. The knife is incredibly handy and also pretty versatile in all sorts of scenarios including hunting, camping and even to use for domestic tasks. Fallkniven insist that with this knife, there is now a new world standard since there are several different characteristics which are usually found in other knifes but which have been now brought together in this incredible package – surely you can’t go wrong with the F! which is the top concept for a knife that is available today and which also combines international standards in strength, value for money and above all, security and safety.

The knife which started out as an experiment was eventually adopted by the Swedish air force as its official survival knife since 1995 and this only demonstrates its character and pedigree. The knife portrays what can be termed as a completely and radically innovative philosophy where survival knives are concerned. Having said that it is steeped in an age old tradition of knife manufacturing which comes from experience. It has a quite radical and handy size but the design is also very well thought out. And the steel is at the top of the range since it is the tough and unbreakable laminated 3G steel which has already gained plaudits and accolades the world over for its revolutionary sharpness and versatility.

The F1 model is of course extremely versatile apart from being quite handy. It has an incredibly pleasant and safe grip which makes it ideal for all sorts of daily tasks. The sheath is also radical innovative apart from the fact that you can choose from two different types of sheaths. One is a pouch which covers the whole knife or else there is another pouch which is extremely tough and also provides a zytel hand operated mechanism. This is a zytel sheath which has a new injection moulded mechanism that is both safe and combines a strong array of qualities. There’s also a left handed option since Fallkniven seem to think of everything.

The knife’s dimensions are also quite handy although it is pretty versatile for its size. It is 8.3 inches long or 210 mm while the blade length is 97mm or 3.8 inches. This blade is obviously usable in extreme circumstances and can handle all sorts of work – actually it is quite useful in cutting trees and splitting logs. With a blade thickness of 0.18 inches or 4.5 mm you can rest assured that it will cut through anything that moves and this means that hunting or forest work is absolutely tailor made for it. The tang is of the broad and protruding type so this also allows for maximum versatility. The knife’s weight is also extremely light at just 150 grammes whilst the steel is of the laminated VG10 type. With steel of a 59HRC hardness, you really cannot go wrong as far as strength is concerned.

The Thermorun handle is another F1 speciality since it seems so easy to grip and exudes a sense of unbelievable strength and hardness. This makes the knife ideal to use as a hammering tool into trees for example making it more than ideal in a survival environment. Combine the handle with the powdered steel blade and you have an implement which is truly at the top of the rank in every sense of the word. An aspect which can perhaps be taken for granted is that although the F1’s VG10 steel is extremely hard it is certainly not brittle as is most often the case with similar knives. This makes it ideal to use in freezing temperatures so when you grab the handle, the knife remains very sturdy and does not flinch in the least. It is also ideal to use as a skinning tool when hunting even with all that blood and guts is slopping off around you. With a blade that is absolutely resistant to water, all sorts of liquids bounce of it making such a gory jib extremely easy and hassle free. There are other jobs which you can put the F1 to the test and these include breaking stones or prising open floor boards, it is really strong when hit with a brick hammer although you should be a bit careful not to damage the handle. The incredible strength of the steel does not flinch however and Fallkniven really have something going with this laminated powdered steel.

There’s not much that one can say about the F1 knife which hasn’t been said already. It is a tried and tested implement which has the imprimatur of the King of Sweden (who reputedly hunts and fishes with a trusty F1 under his belt) bringing together a combination of strength, versatility and safety. The innovative zytel sheath is another plus for those who fancy these sort of things and it will give you many a pleasure when using it in all sorts of environments. It is really no wonder that the F1 continues to be standard issue for the Swedish Air Force.