TK3 FT01X10

Fallkniven seem to have no rest when it comes to original ideas and initiatives for their knives range. The Tres Kroner is no exception since the handle of this knife is actually made from a material which was sunk in the ocean for hundreds of years. This is oak from wood which has been retrieved by Fallkniven themselves from the sea bed and it is supposedly extremely strong. This was definitely one of the most important aspects of the TK3 as I held it in my hand.

The TK3 is actually a small lock back knife with no clip and metal laminated blade which is made out of 3G steel and which is also laminated. As expected from Fallkniven, the knife is exceptionally sharp and you really should keep it that way. The instruction booklet comes very w ell detailed on how to keep the knife on its toes, which is as sharp as possible through a number of innovative sharpening techniques. The uses for it appear to be multi-faceted and various but it is extremely useful for shaving and cutting wood so in a sense it is as good a survival knife as the F1. Another aspect which strikes you immediately when holding the knife in your hands is its relative comfort. The accompanying sheath is rather small but then it’s a smallish knife so it is not really that necessary.

Obviously the main aspect of any knife is its steel strength and cutting ability. I decided to test it by cutting through around 15 feet of cardboard and the blade sailed through without a hitch with extremely little degradation. Another useful task for it is the shaving of hair off the skin which was carried out without a hitch although one has to be extra careful when using it. One should also be careful with the material chosen for the handle since mine which was red quince started to slightly crack after a few weeks of intense usage.

The knife’s ergonomics are continually impressive too. It is definitely one of the nicest handling pocket knives that you can get your hands on although the issue with the red quince material is a downer – at least for me. Perhaps Fallkniven could consider offering the knife with rubber or Micarta handles. However there are those who like the feel of natural materials such as this one so I won’t really digress so much on that moot point. Apart from cutting cardboard and shaving human hair, I also found the knife pretty useful when shaving an animal with a hairy skin such as a hog. So the knife is also useful for hunting or for the odd job in the kitchen although that’s not for what it was designed.

The Tre Koner Series is made up of lightweight, elegant and safe knives which are quite beautifully balanced and the TK3 is really no exception. The new edition TK 3 Black Oak handled bushcraft knives come with the 3G steel already described above. It has been variously described as the best folding lock knife presently on the market and from my own personal experience, I would definitely condone to this opinion.

Although I didn’t really warm to the Black oak handle, there’s no denying that this is an innovative aspect from Fallkniven. The Black Oak which comes from timber that has been sunk for centuries underwater provides for a supposedly extremely strong material although my version showed slight cracks after prolonged use. Alternatively one can use a few drops of vegetable oil to smoothen the handle and make it shine even more.  The grip was pretty useful in greasy and watery situations although if you are wont to skin large game and other animals then there are other Fallkniven knives which can be recommended.

So what’s the verdict on the TK3. Certainly this is a lightweight folding knife which has very few challengers and which is totally up to the highest standards expected from such an instrument. The blade is truly second to none in its strength and durability and if kept appropriately sharpened, it will definitely last a lifetime. I have to confess that my only quip regarding the knife was its handle although the Vlack Oak finish surely adds to the allure and attractiveness of the whole package. The presentation box is also very classy, another piece of craftsmanship in – you said it – Black Oak! The TK3 is a knife which you will own very proudly and which will serve to be very useful in several situations.