PXLimn FT01X46

pxlim-3The PXLimn is the classic PXL folding knife with an ivory micarta handle as well as traditional side notches on both sides of the knife handle. It is a slightly larger folding knife than what is usually in the market and it is intended for everyday use since it carries the EDC description which simply means Every Day Carry. The stainless steel blade is the world famous 3G variety from Fallkniven with a hardness of HRC 62 and three layers of steel which ensures an unbreakable blade as well as sharpness that can be described as state of the art.

The handle is of the ivory micarta type which is actually an imitation of the material since Fallkniven remain very keen on conservation efforts coming from a hunting family themselves. The PXLimn also comes with an extremely safe and very strong bladelock which allows you to open and close the blade with a simple movement from each hand, be it right or left. The knife also comes with a removable clip which offers a safe, comfortable and extremely fast access to the knife itself. The PXLimn knife is a precision instrument so you should be careful when handling it. Additionally the ivory micarta handle is well groomed to provide superb handling even in wet or greasy circumstances.

It is known that some countries to not allow the fast opening folding knife mechanism in their law so the PXLimn comes with traditional notches on the blades sides. The knife is 7.83 inches long and has a blade length of 3.46 inches ensuring that it is not that bulky to carry around. The trademark Black cordura pouch which comes with it keeps the PXLimn protected at all times.