P FT01X41

Creating a newly designed knife when inspired by others is no easy task but Fallkniven have come up with the P series which fulfils the initial aims of this design. Basically the P knife is a folding knife with a larger than average size and a hugely attractive design. Building upon two decades of experience of selling folding knives by other manufacturers, Fallkniven decided to come up with their own model and the P is surely a winner in every department.

The P folding knife has an open back handle which makes it that much easier to clean. The standard model P comes with a blade which is made out of solid VG10 steel that also has micarta as scales. The P series comes is available with a Cordura sheath that is black and which may be attached to your belt.

One has to keep in mind that a folding knife is not as powerful as a sheath knife and since this type of knife is the results of hundreds of operations, it Is a also a bit more costlier to make. However on the other hand, the format is very handy and it can be used in several different situations. Finally it is a tool which can give you a lot of fun especially when you are out camping or enjoying some other outdoor pursuit.

With the inspiration of legendary knife designer R W Loveless behind it, the P series of knives by Fallkniven offers an unbeatable combination of state of the art technology, high quality handmade techniques and of course, timeless design which is creates a knife of the highest quality and performance for the modern world. With just the right length and a blade sharpness which is second to none, the P knife is surely a folding knife for the next generation.