PHk Professional Hunter’s Knife FT01X17

The PHk is certainly an excellent knife in every department. Described as a Professional Hunter’s Knife it brings together the diverse characteristics of survival knifes such as the F1 and S1 into a more homogeneous package which can be used in diverse situations. It is also known as one of the best hunting knives in the world and is built around three priorities which are safety, function and hygiene (not necessarily in that order. One of the main characteristics of the knife is that it has a longer than average skinning edge although this does not correspond with a wide or a clumsy blade which is usually the case with similar knives.

Of course Fallkniven knives are famous for their steel and the PHK is no exception. It comes with a 3G stainless steel laminated blade which consists of an SGPS layer in the centre sandwiched between a further two layers of VG2 steel. This gives you a blade which is extremely strong and which keeps an edge brilliantly well. You also have the combination of a Thermorun handle as well as a stainless steel crossguard which combines functionality with safety.

The sheath is also something of high interest in that it is the new injection molded zytel sheath which has revolutionised the sheath market for these types of knives. It combines a strong safety characteristic with hygiene and it is remarkably easy to keep it clean. This makes it attractive to any user who wishes to invest in a proper knife.

The knife’s specifications are also something to be perused in detail. It is 239 mm long and has a blade length of 126 mm or 5 inches. The blade thickness is 5 mm while it has a full and protruding tang. For a knife of its quality the weight is surprisingly light at just 190 grammes or even less than one fifth of a kilogramme.

The knife has been field tested several times by distributors and enthusiasts and has always received positive reviews. It is a very comfortable knife with a handle that provides excellent grip and a full tang. It fits perfectly in the palm of one’s hand and is also extremely durable as you would by now expect from Fallkniven. The PHk also scores points on being balanced as a knife and without too much frills can be plunged into the action immediately.

The PHk’s drop point design also wins it plaudits since this provides a longer edge for the skinning of game. The convex ground blade continues to provide incredible durability for a knife which can be sued in various scenarios without any sort of problems.

Although it is a hunting knife, the PHk knife wouldn’t go amiss in the kitchen since it can easily be used for a number of odd jobs such as cutting vegetable or slicing meat. Perhaps this isn’t what it was made for but it is certainly a dab hand in such an environment. The sharpness of the blade is something that has to be felt to be believed and it can slice anything open or apart with the minimum of effort.

Obviously the PHk1 is best known for its performance in the hunting sphere and it definitely does not disappoint. There have been countless reviews on the excellence of this knife in hunting situations especially when it comes to the skinning and opening up of carcasses. The blade can cut through practically anything and it seems that the least effort required is to be made when using it.

The knife’s  sheath is also very avante garde in that it uses the latest technology to store the knife. The Zytex system is surely one of the best around at the moment and this demonstrates that Fallkniven are reserving their best technology with regards to sheaths for their knives. The convex shape of the blade ensures an incredibly sharp cutting edge so its important not to let the knife run around as accidents can easily happen.

Finally it is of course crucially important to keep the knife as sharp as possible and on its toes, so to speak. It is important to sharpen the PHK’s blade regularly so as to ensure excellence performance through the knife’s life which may last decades if you look after it properly. The PHk is really a professional hunter’s knife in the best sense of the word with all the characteristics that one might expect but also a few that may be surprising such as the versatility in the kitchen. If you go for it as your knife you will certainly not be disappointed or let down.