About the site

This is a fan site for Fällkniven knives. The site is created by me, Tore,  and I have been a Fällkniven knife owner since 2011. .

Having a dad selling knives I thought I was immune to fancy words about how good different knives were. My dad told me about the Fällkniven series and how good they were. But it wasn’t until he handed a knife to me and said ”Here, feel how balanced it is” that I got hooked. The knife, Fallkniven F1, quickly became part of my collection.

I then discovered how popular the knives were online. I could spend hours watching review videos on Youtube. Having a dad selling the knives gave me the chance to not only read about the knives but to touch each and every one of them. What I have learned using different knives I have tried to put on this site. There are many great knives but the F1 is still my favourite.